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How to choose a good toilet cleaner


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How to choose a good toilet cleaner

2023-11-03 11:22:22

Regularly and thoroughly cleaning the toilet bowl is a necessary home hygiene habit, not only to remove stains and eliminate odors, but also, more importantly, to protect family health. The toilet bowl is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Not cleaning it frequently enough allows disease-causing microorganisms to grow rapidly. According to a study by the National Sanitation Foundation, failing to clean the toilet bowl regularly can lead to bacteria increase by over 100 times in just 2 weeks. Leading health experts recommend cleaning the toilet at least once a day.

When choosing a toilet bowl cleaner, caution is needed. Aggressive chemicals may damage the toilet material and release volatile organic compounds that are harmful to respiratory health. Although bleach-based products are effective disinfectants, the harsh ingredients corrode toilet surfaces and sewer pipes over time. The pungent smell of bleach is also unpleasant. While specialized toilet cleaners contain detergents and disinfectants that dissolve stubborn stains and kill germs, the chemical residues can be toxic if used improperly or excessively.

Nowadays many people opt for natural and non-toxic toilet cleaners, which is a good option for environmental friendliness and family safety. But in the long run, the disinfecting and dissolving power of these green cleaners is still not as strong as professional formulations. Stains tend to persist and odors return quickly after cleaning with eco-friendly products. The key is finding a cleaner that balances greenness and cleaning performance.

Oudbo Molartte specializes in producing professional yet eco-conscious toilet bowl cleaners. Its pH is controlled between 7-9 to avoid corroding toilet surfaces. It uses biodegradable cosmetic-grade ingredients and plant-based solvents that can safely and effectively remove stubborn stains, kill germs and bacteria, and eliminate odors in the toilet bowl. Compared to mainstream toilet cleaners, Oudbo Molartte does not contain bleach, hydrochloric acid or other harsh chemicals, making it safer for people and the environment.

Using Oudbo Molartte products for cleaning is very convenient - it can deeply cleanse the toilet without damaging materials or releasing harsh fumes. It provides complete bowl coverage for maximized hygiene. What's more, it has less environmental impact compared to mainstream toilet cleaners. For those seeking a green yet powerfully effective toilet bowl cleaner, Oudbo Molartte hits that sweet spot between environmental responsibility and professional-strength sanitizing power.