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Urinal Screen Mat - Odor Control and Anti-Splash Protection *1

Toilet Care

Urinal Screen Mat - Odor Control and Anti-Splash Protection *1

Urine scented tablets are the ideal solution for keeping the toilet environment clean and fresh. These tablets are specially designed to neutralize unwanted odors and create a pleasant, long-lasting fragrance in the urinal. With their easy-to-use design, these are suitable for any commercial washroom, including hotels, restaurants, office buildings, etc. High quality and environmentally friendly formulations ensure effective odor control without the use of harsh chemicals. Simply place it in the urinal to experience better air quality and a more enjoyable toilet experience. Trust reliable and effective urine care products to keep your facilities smelling clean

    Urinal scented tablets. These innovative urinal deodorant tablets are designed to provide a fresh and enjoyable toilet experience for users and visitors alike. Urinals are a necessity in public restrooms, but they are often the source of unpleasant odors. Our urine tablets are the perfect solution to this problem. Its advanced formulation effectively eliminates odors, releases fresh fragrances, creates a more inviting and sanitary toilet environment, the key features of our urine scented tablets include:, Powerful odor elimination: The tablets are specially formulated with the goal of neutralizing unpleasant odors, leaving a clean and fresh smell. Long-lasting scent: Each tablet will maintain a continuous scent for a long period of time, ensuring that the toilet will maintain a pleasant smell throughout the day. Simple to use: Simply drop the tablet into the urinal and it quickly dissolves and begins to work its magic. No additional maintenance or special equipment required, environmentally friendly: Our products are made of environmentally friendly materials and can be safely used in all types of piping systems. Our urinals are the result of extensive research and development to ensure maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction. We understand the importance of maintaining a clean and pleasant bathroom environment and the impact it has on the overall experience of your visitors and employees. With our urinal scented tablets, you can rest assured that your toilet will always be fresh and welcoming, enhancing the overall reputation of your facility.

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