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Urinal Block Cleaner - Eliminate Odors and Stains *1

Toilet Care

Urinal Block Cleaner - Eliminate Odors and Stains *1

Powerful and efficient urinal cleaner! Our specially formulated urinal blocks are designed to dissolve and remove stubborn stains, odors and scale buildup in urinals, keeping them fresh and clean. Our urinals are made from high-quality raw materials that are durable and provide continuous odor control for a sanitary toilet environment. Our products are biodegradable and environmentally friendly, with a focus on performance and environmental sustainability. Trust our urinal cleaners to keep a pristine and welcoming toilet for you or your customers and staff. Try our urinal cleaners!

    Urinal cleaner. This innovative cleaning solution is designed to effectively eliminate odors and ensure the cleanliness of the urinal, providing a fresh and hygienic environment for you or your staff and customers. Our urinal cleaners are carefully formulated, using powerful cleaners that target and break down stubborn deposits and buildup in the urinal. With its unique formulation, the cleaner effectively removes scale, urine stains and other unsappy residues, leaving the urinal clean and odor-free. In addition to their superior cleaning capabilities, our urinal block cleaner also has a long-lasting fragrance that makes the urinal smell fresh and extended for a period of time. Pleasant smells add a touch of cleanliness and comfort to toilet facilities, creating a positive impression for those who use them. What sets our urinal cleaners apart from others on the market is their durable and long-lasting design. Each block is specifically designed to withstand continuous use, ensuring that it remains effective for a longer period of time. With their slowly dissolving properties, our urinal cleaners provide continuous cleaning and deodorization, reducing the frequency of maintenance and replacement. Our urinal cleaners are a testament to our commitment to providing innovative solutions that meet our customers' needs. We pride ourselves on providing products that not only exceed expectations, but also create a healthier and more enjoyable environment for everyone. With its powerful cleaning action, long-lasting fragrance and durable design, this product is sure to become an important part of your bathroom routine maintenance

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