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Multi-purpose bathroom cleaner 450mL

This multi-purpose bathroom cleaning spray features a mild formula that safely removes stubborn stains like limescale, soap scum and grease to quickly restore brilliance. The long-lasting scented seal technology provides 24-hour lingering fragrance for a refreshing atmosphere. Non-corrosive and non-irritating, it protects bathroom surfaces. Natural botanical extracts make it eco-friendly. Let your bathroom shine with refreshed vitality!

    More About Toilet Bowl Cleaner Tablets

    Brand Oudbo Molartte
    Model No. L-3
    Active ingredient content 10%(Include)-30%
    OEM/ODM Available
    Color Blue/Yellow/Purple Customization is available
    Fragrance Ocean, Citrus, Rose Customization is available
    Certificate ISO
    Net Weight 500mL
    Shelf life 2 years

    Product Information

    Many people struggle with tough grime that is hard to remove when cleaning bathrooms, and traditional chemical cleaners can be too harsh and irritating. Our bathroom spray cleaner uses a mild formula with gentle acids like citric and malic acid to quickly dissolve stubborn stains like limescale, soap scum and urine salts, easily restoring original bathroom brilliance. Effective adsorbing and cleaning agents remove grease, kill bacteria for comprehensive purification. Botanical extracts create fresh scents. Non-corrosive and non-irritating, it is simple and convenient to use, instantly refreshing your bathroom.



    ● Mild and non-irritating formula, safe and reassuring

    ● Quickly dissolves stubborn stains for thorough cleaning

    ● Long-lasting scented seal

    ● Chemistry balanced with water, with plant extracts6544c10ivq

    Transportation & Storage

    ● Store it in a cool and dry place

    ● Under normal transportation and storage conditions.6544c0axm1

    Quality And Certification

    1. High quality: Using high quality material and establishing a strict quality control system, assigning specific persons in charge of each part of production, from raw material purchase to assembly.

    2. Professional R&D center: Employed designers with 15 years working experience in cleaning industry. Each month will release a new series of products OEM and ODM are warmly welcomed.

    3. Certification: ISO9001, UPC, CE, SMETA etc.


    Company profile

    We are a leading group company committed to providing a one-stop solution for bathroom cleaning and home decoration. We operate two state-of-the-art factories, with one specializing in the production of daily cleaning product, air care, and pet care products. The other factory focuses on manufacturing bathroom products, including shower doors, bathtubs, and various bathroom accessories. Our mission is to enhance the living environment by making it cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing.