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Lavender Scented Toilet Cleaner - Hang Freshener 1*34g

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Lavender Scented Toilet Cleaner - Hang Freshener 1*34g

Lavender scented hanging toilet cleaner. This innovative product is designed to keep your toilet clean, fresh and odor-free every time you flush. The soothing scent of lavender will fill your bathroom with pleasure and appeal. The convenient hanging design allows for easy placement in the toilet, ensuring continuous cleaning and freshness. This toilet cleaner is made of high-quality ingredients that effectively remove stains and grime, leaving the toilet clean and hygienic. Create high quality cleaning solutions to make chores easy and enjoyable. Say goodbye to unpleasant bathroom smells and greet the refreshing lavender-scented toilet with lavender-scented hanging toilet cleaner

  • Origin Guangdong, China
  • Product Name Toilet Bowl Air Freshener 3 in 1
  • Type Detergent
  • Detergent Type Cleaner
  • Shape Solid
  • Feature Sustainable

Lavender toilet cleaner - Hang freshener. Our innovative toilet cleaning products offer a convenient and effective solution to keep your bathroom fresh, and we are committed to providing high quality cleaning products that simplify the task of maintaining a clean and enjoyable living environment. With our Lavender Scented Toilet Cleaner - Hang Freshener, we combine the benefits of a powerful toilet cleaner with the delightful scent of lavender to create a product that not only cleans, but also leaves a lasting, pleasant smell in your bathroom. This innovative hanging freshener design allows the cleaner to easily hang in the toilet, where it can constantly release the lavender scent while effectively cleaning and deodorizing the toilet. Our lavender-scented toilet cleaner contains a powerful cleaning agent that effectively removes stains, mineral deposits and bacteria, leaving your toilet clean and sanitary. The soothing lavender scent adds an extra freshness and creates a pleasant and inviting atmosphere in your bathroom. In addition to its cleaning and refreshing capabilities, our lavender-scented toilet cleaner - Hang Freshener is also designed to last, providing up to 30 days of continuous freshening and cleaning. This means you can enjoy a clean and fresh toilet without frequent maintenance or replacement. To ensure the safety and effectiveness of our products, we have carefully selected high-quality ingredients and a rigorous quality control process to ensure that our lavender-scented toilet cleaner - Hang Freshener meets the highest standards of performance and safety. Reduce environmental impact. That's why our lavender-scented toilet Cleaner - Hang Freshener is manufactured from environmentally friendly and biodegradable materials to provide an effective cleaning solution that is also environmentally friendly and sustainable. Whether you are looking for a convenient and efficient toilet cleaning solution or just want to add a fresh feel to your bathroom, our lavender-scented toilet Cleaner - Hang Freshener is the ideal choice. Its unique design, powerful cleaning formula and delightful lavender scent make it a must-have for any home or commercial bathroom. All in all, this is a revolutionary product that combines a powerful toilet cleaner with the soothing aroma of lavender. With its long-lasting freshness, effective cleaning power and environmentally friendly design, this product is sure to become a staple of your bathroom cleaning routine, experience the difference in our lavender-scented toilet cleaner - Hanging freshener and see how it can turn your bathroom into a clean, fresh and inviting space.

Product introduction



● Keep the toilet bowls looking bright and sparkling.

● Give fragrance and remove the bad odor.

● New mild formula

● Cosmetic-grade ingredients

● Safe for septic tank

● Please contact us if you want to know more about the product.

Transportation & Storage

● Store it in a cool and dry place

● Under normal transportation and storage conditions.